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Explosion Proof Torch
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Explosion Proof Torch

For improving the safety and health protection of workers potentially at risk from explosive atmospheres
(zones 1 and 2,gas groups iia, iib, iic)
Resolution MSC.98(73)
EN60079-0: 2012+a11: 2013 / IEC6007 EN60079-11: 2012 / IEC60079-11:2011,-0: 2011,
EN 60079-28: 2015 / IEC60 79-28:2015
Both ATEX and IECEX approved
Intrinsic safety type
Dust- tight
Water-proof while immersed
in one-meter-depth water in short term.
Scratch and chemical -resistant lense
Lamp Type :LED
Battery Type:1.5V LKALINE E91/MN1500
Battery Brand:Energiz r® Duracell®
Output :UP TO 80 LM
Type Of Protection: INTRINSIC SAFETY
explosive-proof grade:ATEX &ICEEX
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We provide safety guarantee for your every sailing.

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